What’s All the Buzz About??

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Ever since I’ve taken the step on to Twitter (@SavelSells) for those who haven’t connected with me yet) I’ve met a ton of creative people with a lot of passion for the profession.  One of my earliest followers was BuzzBuzzHome (@buzzbuzzhome).  I followed them back mainly because they had some interesting real estate ‘tweets’ and a great blog to boot!

Fast forward a few months, and they’ve expanded from an informative blog, to solving a huge gap in the pre-construction condo market. For years, there’s been no centralized place for the public…or even Realtors to get a list of up and coming condos.   In the past the only way to get this info was to; search the newspapers, read up on blogs or drive around the city. Problem solved with the new buzzbuzzhome webpage!

It’s very user friendly and extremely easy to find tons of info on new developments in the city.  What I particularly like, is they’re not affiliated with any real estate brokerages and provide info from an unbiased 3rd party point of view.  Some projects on the map are also sponsored by the developer of the condos  and offer additional info such as price, description and photos.  I had the chance to meet up Matthew Slutsky and Clifford Peskin, founder and co-founder of BuzzBuzzHome.  They’ve started with tracking developments in Toronto but have big plans to expand and cover other Canadian cities as well.

It’s a great tool and one that I personally use!  Find out what all the ‘Buzz’ is about and check out their site.   Once you’ve found that perfect project and are ready to take the next step give me a call…i’d love to help!

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