We Still have the Tallest Tower


Toronto is home to many things but most notably it’s been the base for “World’s Tallest Free Standing Structure.” At 553 meters it is the tallest and most recognized structure in the city. For 35 years it was also the tallest in the world… that was until the Burj Dubai stepped in (or rather up) and took that title from us!

Earlier this week, Guinness World Records changed the wording so it now reads “World’s Tallest Free Standing Tower.” I never was a fan of “labels” and this case is no different. For me it really doesn’t matter what you want to call it. Truth is, in a few years some other City will build a bigger Tower!

What they can’t take away from us is its significance. It’s a symbol of achievement, greatness and success. The Tower is a lot like a celebrity to the City, but one who never goes to rehab… or worst, moves to the US. Not only is it a treat to look at, but also spectacular to look out of.  It’s rotating floor perched high above the City allows for amazing panorama views. Whenever I’m working out of the City, seeing the Tower on the drive in is like getting a hug from a loved one after a long departure…it’s makes you feel home again.

If you’re ever in the City, I highly recommend going up to the top (it only takes 58 seconds to get there). Better yet, if you’d like a downtown condo with views of the Tower send me an email…i’d love to help!

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