Update on 1Bloor

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The much anticipated deadline for the fate of 1Bloor has come and gone with very little official news being released.  I along with many others were hoping for a some sort of a release from Bazis as to whether or not they’d continue with the project.  Unofficially what I’ve heard is the project is a go, but very few other details are known.  There’s also a story about the tower being reduced in size, yet no one knows exactly by how much.

It was also brought to my attention that the lastest time frame, required Bazis to notify buyers only if the project was’nt a go. As of Friday July 17th, I haven’t heard from anyone who has received such notice.  And so we wait, just as we have for the past 31 days…with still not enough answers and even more questions.


I’ve been updating this story as it evolves.  Check out my latest updates by clicking here!!
As soon as anymore info is known, I’ll be posting it online so check back often.

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