The New Downtown Mini by Raw Design

I’ve been spending a lot of my time on the East side of town lately, showing and selling at the various condo sites and hanging out in its eclectic coffee shops. The other day I was in the area gathering info on Trinity Lofts, when I passed the newly opened Mini Downtown…being a Mini Cooper driver/enthusiast/owner myself I just had to stop by!

The new looking dealership is MUCH different than the old! I first fell in love with my Cooper when I saw it sitting in the “loft-like” showroom at its King West location. The space had exposed brick, wood beams, and high ceilings. Shortly after I picked up the car, the dealership moved out of its place and headed east…Located in front of BMW Downtown (the tall glass building that can be seen from the DVP) the new place is an excellent evolution of design and space compared to its old digs.

Designed by Toronto based Raw Design (the geniuses’ in design behind the Cube Lofts on College St), it’s new look has replaced wooden beams with black steel ones and substituted hardwood floors with rectangular slate-like tiles. Perched above the showroom floor is the mezzanine that allows customers to watch their car being serviced as they hang out in the “lounge” atmosphere! The showroom is mainly black, but lightens up with the colourful Coopers that line the floor. Playful greens, oranges and other neon lights accent the space and help to put you in a “mini cooper” state of mind!

Check out some photos below. The East side of town is proving to be an excellent area, with tons of potential…I think we’ll be seeing more business follow Mini by heading east! If you to have thought about making the move  send me an email or give me a call… I’d love to help!

PS… if you’re looking to get into a Mini, talk to Sam Barbaro!  He did an awesome job getting me into mine and I’m sure he can do the same for you!!


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