Symmetry Developments to Launch Origami Lofts on Bathurst

Origami Lofts

As I first wrote back in December, Symmetry Developments has a brand new condo/loft in the works!  At the time all we had to work with was a rough preliminary rendering … but now we have a much more refined image (pictured above), a name to call this gorgeous structure, and even an address!

Very much true to it’s design, the loft will be called Origami and will be built at 202 Bathurst St. just north of Queen.  The opening of CB2 is a further testament to the changes happening in the area and a clear indicator of the transitions taking place!

In a move similar to their Hive Lofts in Etobicoke, Symmetry has brought Teeple Architects back to design Origami.  I especially like the way the penthouses appear to be floating above the building, and the large “202” at the base of the building.  It serves as functional component to the structure, as well as a topographical one for those living at the lofts!

The latest from Sayf is that they’re still tweaking the design and should have an even awesome-r rendering in the coming weeks!

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MUST HAVE MONDAY: Pukul Lima Wood Tables


This weeks Must Have Monday comes to you “Live from the Hive”… that’s an inside joke BuzzBuzzHome co-founder Matthew Slutsky shared while I visited their new office last week!  The busy BuzzBuzzHomies have expanded their colony quite a bit since I first wrote about them back in June of 09 and have since moved into a more spacious home in Liberty Village.  The new office is absolutely stunning and great fit for the team, but the real show stopper is the matching Pukul Lima Wood Tables the two head huncho’s have in their office.  Matthew had this to say about his newest additions:

“BuzzBuzzHome doesn’t just like large tables, we love them. They are one of the cores of our office community.

Groups working around large tables easily lends itself to easy collaboration, and a socialble work environment.
When we moved to our new office, we wanted some new awesome tables; tables that fit our “large-table” community, and also blended well into the brick-and-beam design of the office.
We toyed with the idea of over-sized antique executive desk, raw pine “Brad Pit” dining room tables, and cheap dining room tables. We hunted through furniture stores, and at the last minute we found the RusTeak wearhouse and spotted some Indonesian pukul lima wood tables (aka the Five o’Clock tree, aka the Rain Tree”).

Introducing PHOTO FRIDAY

In an effort to bring even more content on a consistent basis, I’m pleased to announce PHOTO FRIDAYYY!

I’ll be posting a new photo every Friday from my Savel And The City PhotoBlog.  With the photoblog I post a daily photo from my travels around the City.  It’s typically just a picture with very little description.  With Photo Friday I’ll be picking my favorite shot from the blog and describing the image further!

For my inaugural Photo Friday post I picked a picture that I took a few weeks back from the newly completed Maple Leaf Square!  Taken from 40+ stories above and looking down at Lanterra Developments latest project “ICE Condos”, the picture captures the condo during it’s earliest stages of development…hence it’s title “From Soil to ICE”

This southern part of the City is really starting to take shape! In anticipation of this, Longo’s grocery store is opening up a location at the base of Maple Leaf Square and across from ICE condos this fall!  Both condo’s are minutes from the Air Canada Centre and Union Station!

If you’re thinking of moving into this growing part of the Toronto Send me an email or give me a call…I’d love to help!

LG Fashion Week at the Future Home of DNA3

LGfashion Week

Fashion and Real Estate share a lot of similarities…be it the curves, the lines, the trends or the style!  What better place for the two to meet than at the future home of DNA3 (by Canderel Stoneridge). 

LG Fashion Week by L’Oréal Paris is annual event held in Toronto.  In it’s 11th year the festival brings together media, industry, buyers and consumers to view the season’s collections in the Fashion Capital of Canada!  Aside from gorgeous models and luxurious fabrics…what really catches my eye is the venue. From October 19th to the 24th 2009 The Fashion Design Council of Canada will be using the old car dealership at King and Shaw as ‘Fashion Week Headquarters’.  They’ve been bringing some big changes to the corner in recent weeks and today the final product is revealed. 

Now here’s where the Real Estate ties in to it all.  The site is also the future home of DNA3.  Launching in Spring 2010, the third DNA condo will be released and judging by the rendering  it’s going to ‘gorgeous, dawling… just gorgeous.’

They’re along way from launching, but if you’d like to be kept in the loop, send me an email…i’d love to help!  Just don’t go buying any Karl Lagerfeld bags like the one pictured above…it’ll set you back about $2000!! Save the money for closing costs ;)

Toronto Maple Leafs 2009-2010 Schedule


Hey Leaf Fans, this one’s for you!

So you want to love Toronto? Well, you’ll have to love every bit of it…including the Leafs!  Sure, at times its hard  BUT this year could be different! Check out the complete schedule, past results, and future games right here!

For the ultimate in Leaf-Living, you’ll want pad at Lanterra’s Maple Leaf Square, it’s a hop, skip and body-check away from the Air Canada Centre.

Not a leaf fan but still want to live near the ACC?  Ice Condos phase 2 is about to launch soon, why not sign up for that…I’d love to help!


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