New Lobby Planned for the Residences of the Thompson Hotel

55 Stewart Lobby - The Thompson Hotel
Great news for the residents at the Thompson Hotel! For those living in the residential side over at 55 Stewart, you’re about to get a new lobby… and it’s about time!

On my first visit to the condo, I was a bit taken back on how “average” the lobby was. Compared to the Studio Gaia designed entrance on the hotel side, 55 Stewart is like the plain Jane (or John) or lobbies!

55 Stewart Lobby - The Thompson Hotel 55 Stewart Lobby - The Thompson Hotel 55 Stewart Lobby - The Thompson Hotel
Obviously, not many spend their time in a the lobby but the large tiles and low lighting don’t to much for first impressions… for a building marketed to the young go-getter, this redesign couldn’t have come at a better time!  On my last visit, I snapped some photos of what the space will soon look like:

55 Stewart Lobby - The Thompson Hotel 55 Stewart Lobby - The Thompson Hotel
I’m most excited for the new signage at the entrance of the building.  So many times, I’ve watched clients walk right by without realizing they were at the front of the building. Also adding to the new look are brighter colours and more light!

Check out what’s currently available at 55 Stewart or contact me for more information about the building!

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PHOTO FRIDAY: The Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple

I often take Davenport as my route of choice into the Core, and when I do I almost always pass the former Masonic Temple.  Standing 6 storeys tall and built in 1917, It’s been home to MTV’s studio for the last few years! It’s fate and future has been up in the air with plans for MTV to be relocating the studios to 299 Queen St. West.  It sits on a site covered with music history including Led Zeppelin’s first Toronto concert and rehearsal space for the Rolling Stones… If I had my way, it would be reused as a concert/restaurant/hotel for all to enjoy AND NOT ANOTHER PRIVATE RESIDENCE… here’s to hoping!


Perfect for the architectural-fish-loving-critic in your life comes the Fish Hotel.  When I first saw the forward thinking fish “bowl” I thought it looked looked like something out of a Teeple concept (think Giraffe Condos).  The tanks were designed by Teddy Luong during competition at Carlton University’s school of industrial design.

The fish hotel is made with a white ABS shell. The fishbowls can be stacked for a condo-like appearance, and glass bowls may be removed for easy cleaning… talk about preventing urban-aquatic sprawl!

The fishbowl sells for $30 online and ships throughout Canada!

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