Photo Updates of River City Phase 1

River City

During last weeks “peak and enter” at the newly completed Don River Park… I stopped by the River City development to take a few photos of phase one under construction!

The 7 storey River St. building is well underway and already taking shape.

River City

The two storey townhomes line the base of the building along River St.

Here’s a close up of the King St. building… eventually the two will be connected by a bridge!

Interlocking stone was used in the construction of sidewalks and roads for the area!

Looking for more updates from River City?  Waterfront Toronto recently relocated one of its web cameras to capture the construction progress of the development! The web camera, which was previously used to capture the construction of Sherbourne Common north, is now on the rooftop of Edge Loft condominiums at 625 Queen Street East.  Still images of the site are taken every 15 minutes and can be viewed on Waterfront Toronto’s construction webcam page and on the River City page.

Images are archived and once the project is complete, a two minute time lapse video is created that showcases the transformation of the project from start to finish.

Photos of Underpass Park at River City

Underpass ParkThis past weekend, my curiosity got the better of me as wandered around the River City neighbourhood …and in particular, Underpass Park!

I was killing some time in between appointments and trying to find away to snap some pictures of the Don River Park from atop the Adelaide E Bridge.  Sadly, I didn’t have much luck as Cole Haans aren’t the most practical shoes for fence jumping or bridge scaling. Although… I was successful in finding a nice little place to park for free (something that’s getting harder and harder in Toronto).  With my car tucked away, I had juuust enough time to snap a few photos of the changes under the bridge!

Underpass ParkConstruction started about 6 months ago on the dreary and dark space under the bridge. Once complete, Underpass Park will be the most extensive park to ever be built under an overpass in Canada. Already concrete has been poured, plants have been planted and jungle sets for the kids installed! [Read more…]

Construction Continues at Underpass Park

On a recent visit to the River City Sales Centre, I noticed something different about the street… the old commercial buildings that once stood on the North side of Eastern Ave were gone!

The demolition of the buildings was to make way for Underpass Park, the most extensive park to ever be built under an overpass in Canada, and the first in Toronto.  The Park will cover approximatily 2.5 acres under and around the Eastern Avenue overpasses.  I had thought the park would be much smaller, but after seeing the work being done, it’s much more clear of how far the public space will stretch!

According to the Waterfront Toronto website:

“Designed by renowned landscape architects Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg in association with The Planning Partnership, Underpass Park embodies design excellence and is the epitome of innovative urban park design.  The design creates a socially-engaging park for community members of all ages and abilities by incorporating public art, recreational space, playful climbing structures and play areas, flexible community space, community gardens, and public gathering places.” 

Here are a few photos I took of the park under construction:

[Read more…]

Underpass Park at River City

YouTube Preview Image

River City announced the start of Underpass Park earlier in the week.  The public space will be located under and around the Eastern Ave overpass.  It will be the biggest park ever to be built under a bridge in Canada.  The Underpass Park is scheduled to open in spring 2011 and will we a welcomed addition to the future residents of River City!

River City Mark Savel

Updated Giraffe Condo Prices


So last weekend I had a email enquiry asking for prices at the Giraffe Condo development.  The events that followed went something like this:
12:04- called sales centre
12:07- was pleased to hear they released new floor plans AND prices
12:32- received email with floorplans and prices
12:57- wrote blog post to share with wonderful readers
1:03- forgot to push “publish”…sadly this post never saw the light of day.  Until now that is…

With out any further delay here are the prices and floor plans for the remaining 1 and 2 bed units at Tas DesignBuilds Giraffe Condominiums:

1 bedroom G7-from $218000,on the 9th floor.
G9 (2 remaining from $217000, on the 8th floor)
G21 from $273000 (on 7th floor)
G28 from $303000 on lower floors (3rd 4th floor)
G31 from $329000 on the 8th floor up
G35 from $358000 on the 8th floor
G36 from $369000 on the 10th floor

From a design standpoint, I really like the path these developers have chosen.  A well designed building creates more value especially with all the “cookie cutter” designed condos throughout the city. They also have an awesome plan called the “Giraffe Confidence Guarantee” which states:

[Read more…]

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