My Answer to's Homebuyer Jeopardy

There’s only a few days left to win $300 in’s Homebuyer Jeopardy!  A few weeks back I posted about the contest and how you can win:

From August 6-31, you could win $300 to put towards your house, your car, or that special trip to Hawaii. We need you to use your know-how to answer mortgage questions from our four home buyers

Every week, they’ll post a video of one of their home buyers with their question on their Facebook page. Just go over to the “contest” tab on their page or click here to watch the video and get the question. You’ll find all the answers on their site including rates, calculators, and everything you need to know about mortgages. Submit your answer using the app on our contest page to be entered in our draw.

Watch the video below for my answer to Matthew Slutsky‘s question:

YouTube Preview Image

If you have any questions about the home buying process, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

What Will South Hill on Madison Look Like?

South Hill on Madison

Today we got our first look of what South Hill on Madison will one day look like!  BuzzBuzzHome released the rendering on twitter earlier today.  It’s hard to tell which way the building will front in relation to Madison lofts next door, yet it’s still better than the vacant lot that currently sits on the site!

South Hill Condos will sit at the base of Casa Loma and have the Dupont subway station literally minutes away.  A brand new eco park is also in the works for the are and will be developed on the vacant parking lot to the south of Macpherson!

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MUST HAVE MONDAY: Pukul Lima Wood Tables


This weeks Must Have Monday comes to you “Live from the Hive”… that’s an inside joke BuzzBuzzHome co-founder Matthew Slutsky shared while I visited their new office last week!  The busy BuzzBuzzHomies have expanded their colony quite a bit since I first wrote about them back in June of 09 and have since moved into a more spacious home in Liberty Village.  The new office is absolutely stunning and great fit for the team, but the real show stopper is the matching Pukul Lima Wood Tables the two head huncho’s have in their office.  Matthew had this to say about his newest additions:

“BuzzBuzzHome doesn’t just like large tables, we love them. They are one of the cores of our office community.

Groups working around large tables easily lends itself to easy collaboration, and a socialble work environment.
When we moved to our new office, we wanted some new awesome tables; tables that fit our “large-table” community, and also blended well into the brick-and-beam design of the office.
We toyed with the idea of over-sized antique executive desk, raw pine “Brad Pit” dining room tables, and cheap dining room tables. We hunted through furniture stores, and at the last minute we found the RusTeak wearhouse and spotted some Indonesian pukul lima wood tables (aka the Five o’Clock tree, aka the Rain Tree”).

Predicting the Toronto Real Estate Market

If I had to pick the most asked question I get, it would have to be: “how is the Real Estate market, and is it a good time to by?” Shortly after that comes the “well I heard in the news that _______” or “My friend knows a guy that’s well connected on Bay St, and he said _______”.  I’m sure by now you get the point, or maybe even caught yourself asking/saying the very same…not that there’s anything wrong with that!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of the Real Estate world and whether other Realtors want to admit it or not, the truth is NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE MARKET IS GOING! (well at least not as far down the road as some of these predicitons have been given) Sure, there’s market “indicators” that can give us a general sense of the market but truthfully you shouldn’t waste your time listening to any forecasts further than 3 months!

I for one completely tune out all “reports” on a national level. Real estate is local, and in my market each and every condo building can produce a different result.  So if the price of potatoes in P.E.I. goes down resulting in less condo sales out east, it really doesn’t effect the market in Toronto.  And vice versa, if sales are red hot here, it doesn’t mean the rest of the country is following suit. Soooo if you’re going to open a ear to any predictions, at least let it be a local one! [Read more…]

BuzzBuzzHome – The Social Network of Real Estate


I like to think I live a pretty unique life, as my job (selling condos) tends to take me to a ton of different places across the City…but the one constant no matter where I end up is: everybody wants to talk shop!

Thanks to BuzzBuzzHome, that conversation is about to take a huge leap online!  The BuzzBuzz team popped up on the Real Estate Reader in 2009 with their “ground breaking” idea to create single online stop for home buyers and real estate professionals to research new developments and connect with builders. As we end 2010, they’ve launched the BuzzBuzzHome Forum aka The Social Network of Real Estate!

The Forum provides a platform for discussion, where all issues related to residential real estate and development can be aired, addressed, celebrated and mused upon. Users can ask questions to industry experts or just stay informed of the latest news and industry gossip on the hottest projects across Canada.

The Forum has been up for a few weeks and has already started some interesting convos!  My top 3 currently discussed topics are:

Real-Estate Jargon – The real-meaning behind the ad-words…

Bloor Street Buzz


Yours truly has added to a few of the convos, and have also enjoyed reading the thoughts of fellow blogger (and Realtor) Roy Bhandari of along with a bunch of other Real Estate professionals.

The BuzzBuzzHome Forum is quickly becoming one of the hottest pieces of online Real Estate to talk….Real Estate!

Two Real Estate Thumbs Up

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