Testimonial for Purchase at 33 Lombard St.

Spire 33 Lombard

I am a recent client of Mark, who is a member of Sage Real Estate. I am from Vancouver and had to travel to Toronto to purchase a condo. I initially met Mark on the phone, through a realtor in Vancouver as a referral. My initial contact with Mark was very a very good one. He demonstrated that he was in the know of the Toronto real estate market and came across very professional. After a few weeks I met Mark in person to show me some condos in Toronto.

In person Mark was just as knowledgeable and professional. Through my experience with Mark I found him to be extremely professional, very in-tune with the Toronto real estate market, very understanding to my particular needs and wishes in a future condo, he was very knowledgeable with different areas and even knew apartment buildings by name. When touring condos he would offer his input about the condo itself and building as to what the pros and cons were….I truly appreciated his opinion as it opened my eyes with different topics.

I did not find Mark to be pushy in terms of my buying a condo, in fact, he wanted me to purchase the right one for me and was very very patient, something I truly admire. When it came to putting my signature on paper to buy the condo I fell in love with, Mark, was there every step of the way. He explained what everything meant on every page that I had to sign. He was very patient, calm, knowledgeable and guided me through the process. At any point I still have questions, I email Mark and he helps point me in the right direction.

Overall, I completely recommend Mark with Sage Real Estate Brokerage to anyone who is considering buying a condo in Toronto….by choosing Mark, you are truly putting yourself in good hands and will be very well taken care of.

Nicola F.

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Condo Furniture for Small Spaces

Flat Transformable coffee table

It’s no secret – condos in Toronto are being built smaller than ever… and since developers aren’t building bigger, it’s crucial to furnish your space better!

In the coming months, I’ll be making the move into a 580 sq.ft. condo of my own.  In preparation of the move – the hunt is on for chairs, tables and a desk that’ll make the most of my modest space.  As luck would have it,  I met a downtown furniture company at the 2014 Interior Design Show that specializes in exactly this. Resource Furniture (Located at 366 Adelaide Street East Suite 102 in Toronto) carries a full show room of space saving furniture from some of the most innovative European designers.

Scala Zero Chair and Stepladder

Step Ladder Chair

Every house or condo needs a stepladder, and thankfully the Scala Zero chair can do both.  A product of the Italian company Morelato, the wooden chair works as an accent piece in a room while also serving as a stepladder… perfect for searching for that last bag of spaghetti that always seems to hide in the top shelf!

Flat Transformable Coffee Table

Flat Transformable coffee table

One of the biggest challenges I’ll face in my smaller space is finding an area to work from.  Luckily all I really need is a laptop and a strong espresso, but even still – I don’t want to clutter my condo with a desk.  The Flat Transformable Coffee Table from Ozzio makes for the perfect solution in a living room space.  Simply raise an end, and in seconds the table transforms into a makeshift workspace. When guests come by, simply fold it back down and viola, living room restored.

Flat Transformable coffee table

I also like that the table has a built-in storage compartment to hold the items that would typically be placed on top!

Flat Transformable coffee table

Box Legno Dinner Table

Because you never know who will be dropping by for dinner, it’s a good idea to be prepared with an expandable table! The Box Legno (also by Ozzio) can accommodate space for 2-8 people… The metal frame design is adjustable from 25 to 84 cm!

Box Legno Dinner Table

Box Legno Dinner Table Box Legno Dinner Table Box Legno Dinner Table Box Legno Dinner Table Box Legno Dinner Table

With a creative plan and the right furniture any condo or apartment can be maximized to it’s full potential! If you’re looking for an apartment of your own, check out some smaller downtown condo options currently available on the MLS:

City Sounds Mixtape – Tracking Tracks

City Sounds Mixtape

There’s nothing new under the sun… at least that’s what rapper Nas says in one of his songs! With music these days, it’s not much different! The majority of songs on the radio all owe something to the artists of years past.  For this weeks City Sounds Mixtape, I put together a list of the original songs sampled in todays hits.

As you’re driving around to open houses or touring different neighbourhoods – enjoy these classics and see how many you can recognize!

If you’re looking to live in Toronto, you can search the MLS directly from the blog: Search the Toronto MLS. I’ve also created specific searches for CondosLoftsHousesLuxury Condos and Million Dollar Homes. To contact me, simply fill out the form below:

Canadian Mortgage App For iPhone and Android

Mortgage App

When it comes to calculating – we’ve come a long ways from the days of “abacuses” and “counting frames”… and for mortgage math, we no longer need complex formulas on our binary business calculators to compute the cost of our dream home.  No no no savvy purchaser, today we can calculate almost every dollar in a few clicks of the mouse! But what does one use when not in front of a computer?

For me, it’s the robust Canadian Mortgage App for the iPhone (and Android)! This trusty app helps me crunch the numbers and estimate both closing and monthly carrying costs within seconds.   The app is simply designed allowing for super ease of use and a clear breakdown of payments over the years.

Mortgage App

What I most love about the app is it’s been designed to work in every province! There’s over 65 different rules and algorithms worked into the app to ensure the figures are reflective of the City you’re in.

According to their website: While you try out different scenarios with various interest and amortization values, experience the real power of our Mortgage App. We calculate all payment frequencies side by side in real time. Extremely Precise! We avoid typical errors with other calculators by ensuring that the calculations do not round off or trim off your hard earned money. You can simultaneously view all values to the nearest thousands of a cent!

Mortgage App

The app is free to download and one of the most used tools on my phone! I highly recommended it for everyone at any stage of the Real Estate process!

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Why Buyers Should Use a Closing Costs Calculator

Closing Costs

The purchase price is never really “the final price”, is it?  From car’s to condo’s it seem’s like many high priced items tend to have a ton extra costs that quickly add up. Thankfully, there’s a new service from ClosingCosts.ca that helps calculate all those pesky little extras – efficiently and clearly!

The ClosingCosts.ca team put together a short summary of what their site does and how it could help make your next real estate purchase a more organized process:

Why Buyers Should Use a Closing Costs Calculator

By MyClosingCosts.ca

When it comes to buying a house, it never hurts to have extra money set aside. We know, we know… that seems impossible, when prices are high and a down payment can seem difficult enough to save for. But while it’s easy to calculate the minimum down payment you’ll need for your dream home, closing costs aren’t always so straightforward. Too many first-time buyers make the mistake of not budgeting for closing costs and are left scrambling for extra cash on closing day. MyClosingCosts.ca is the only website that demystifies closing costs by providing users with a realistic idea of what buying a home is actually going to cost them.

What are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are the transaction costs you have to pay when buying real estate. Seriously, there’s a lot more to closing costs than your down payment. First, you’ll want to bring a Toronto home inspector in – that’ll cost you on average $450. You’ll need to put a deposit down – there’s another couple thousand dollars. You will have to pay Ontario’s land transfer tax plus Toronto’s land transfer tax, which is likely the most expensive closing cost. And then there are legal fees, disbursements, title insurance, and the list goes on and on.

So how much should you budget for closing costs? $1,000 or $2,000 should do it, right? Wrong! We recommend if you’re buying a home to budget 1.5 to 4 per cent of your home’s purchase price for closing costs. For example, if you’re buying a house for $550,000, you should be prepared to pay anywhere from $8,250 to $22,000 extra on closing day – and that’s on top of your down payment. It adds up fast! In fact, your closing costs could be almost as much as your down payment, if you’re only putting down 5 per cent.

Closing Cost Calculator

If there’s a property you’re thinking of buying – or even just looking at – pull up the MLS listing and plug in what you know about it into our closing costs calculator. Not only is our calculator easy to use, in less than five minutes you’ll have a realistic idea of how much to budget for closing costs. Similar to a receipt from your favourite restaurant, we will break down the closing costs line by line. When you’re done, you can download a PDF report that summarizes your closing costs. And if you need it, we can even put you in touch with a home inspector or real estate lawyer in Toronto.

MyClosingCosts.ca is your guide to understanding the not-so-obvious real estate expenses. We created the site with buyers in mind, so you aren’t caught off guard with unexpected fees that you can’t pay for. If you aren’t ready to buy, stop by our education centre to learn more about the closing costs you’ll have to pay one day. Our education centre includes common questions from both buyers and sellers; if you have a question of your own, you’ll most likely find the answer here. There’s nothing quite like MyClosingCosts.ca on the web, and it’s free to use, so try it out today!

If you’re looking to live in Toronto, you can search the MLS directly from the blog: Search the Toronto MLS. I’ve also created specific searches for CondosLoftsHousesLuxury Condos and Million Dollar Homes. To contact me, simply fill out the form below:

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