The Kevo Keyless Lock by Kwikset

Kwikset Kevo Electronic Key

Earlier this week Apple launched it’s new iPhone 5C and S… although nothing really excited me about the phone – I was a little taken back by the positive reception of it’s fingerprint technology.  I for one think it’s a little much that users need to give up their fingerprint in order to make a call, browse the web or even take a simple picture. But as Bob Dylan said: The times are a changing… and when Apple embraces a new form of technology, spinoff markets form fairly quickly.

Enter the Kevo Keyless Lock by Kwikset.  The concept is a simple one – Open your front door with the touch of a finger.  Using Apple’s Bluetooth technology (versions 4 and 5 only at the moment), home owners need only their phone or FOB on them to open the door. Watch it in action below:

YouTube Preview Image

You can add or delete users all from the iPhone app, and even keep track of who entered and at what time… perfect for parents keeping tabs on their little ones sneaking out at night! The Kevo Keyless lock retails for about $220 (American) and can be pre-ordered online today!


TYLT Wall Charger


From new cities to old beaches wherever your travels take you, most start at one place… the dreaded airport!

Having just come back from a Real Estate Conference in NYC, the hassles of long lines, security checks and constant episodes of misplacing items are fresh!  With each trip, I try to improve my systems and come up with a more streamlined way to travel.

This time around, the chaos was caused my chords.  Thanks to Apple and their genius idea to change chargers, I now had to add one more to the mix.  Even tied up in a zip-lock bag they still managed to get tangled and waste precious reading time.

Those days may be no more thanks to TYLT‘s latest invention – the band wall charger!  Weighing in at a meter two ounces, the charger comes in a variety of colours and gives users the option of charging not one BUT two devices. (perfect for those who still need both methods of charging).  The sleek silicon ribbon magnetically wraps around the base of the charger keeping things neat and tidy…. as well as stylish!

Prices haven’t been posted yet, but more information can be found directly at TYLT’s website… happy travelling!

MUST HAVE MONDAY – Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount

kitchen mount

Long gone are the days of finding a screen only in the living room! With mobile screens making their way into more rooms than ever before, so it’s only natural to have an iPad in the kitchen these days!

The problem is, kitchens aren’t typically as iPad friendly as the living room.  There’s nothing worse than adding a tablespoon of hot sauce to your tablet, and thankfully the Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Table Mount can save you from such a disaster!

The mount can be installed to almost any cabinet in seconds and offer a secure place out of harms way for the iPad.  Adjustable to all 3 types of iPads, the Belkin mount is made of a sturdy, commercial-grade clamp an adjustable rubber brace that adjusts to fit tablets ranging from 7 to 10 inches. It is also case compatible for added convenience. When not in use, the mount fits into most kitchen drawers.

It’s sell’s for about $50 online and can be bought directly from Belkin


voomote zapperIf you’re like me, chances are you have more remotes in your living room than you do devices!  You’ve got a TV remote, a Rogers box remote, and PlayStation remote, a DVD remote…and the list goes on.

Worry no more iPhone friends, a solution is here!

The VooMote Zapper is the only device you’ll ever need.  The small device attaches with ease to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch no different than a standard Apple charger. The remote can be synced up to a pretty much any entertainment device you’d find in a home.  Imagine being able to turn all of your devices from ONE control. With the VooMote Zapper you can!

The add-on should retail for about $70 and works with a free download from the app store.  Once installed, the user can put in their postal code and get information on local programming/show times right from their Apple device.  No need for TV guides ever again!

See it in action below:

YouTube Preview Image


Live in Gotham Lofts? There’s An App for that!

The Gotham Vintage lofts, located at 781 King Street West, has something quite different that your average Downtown condo…forget about virtual golf simulators or bowling allies, this loft has it’s own app! Created by Christopher King of MOBILE HOME™, the app is the first of it’s kind in Toronto (at least to my knowledge).

According to it’s press release:  The app allows residents to view the current building notice, contact property management and building services, manage a list of neighbor contacts from their address book, and view the building’s location and track their own location with a fully functional Google map.

I was really attracted to the “Building and User” tab feature!  With few taps on the screen users can see exactly where they are, where the building is, how to get themselves home, and how to explore the neighbourhood!

The app also helps bridge the communication gap between suite owner and property manager.  I often get calls from clients looking for the “front desk number” and other building contacts.  There’s a tab that has all that info posted at your finger tips! Even investors who don’t physically live in the building can benefit from the app as notices from the building can be read right from your phone.

I visited Christopher’s site to learn more about the app because I think it’s a brillllllliant idea!  For $1000 (plus tax), MOBILE HOME™ can build your condo it’s very own app too!  It also mentions that versions of the app for the Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms are in the works.

My only concern with the app is that everyone and anyone can download it.  Meaning any notices or communications meant for residents can be read by any user who has the app on their phone.  In the interest of full disclosure…I’m currently using a BlackBerry (though that might be changing soon) and haven’t physically tried the MOBILE HOME™ app.  If any readers have, please let me know your thoughts and experience by leaving a comment below!

In the mean time, check out some screenshots or download it for FREE from the AppStore!…hopefully more condo’s follow!

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