8 Gladstone Development Details

Last week I got an early peek at what 8 Gladstone will look like from the outside…This week it’s the insides!

I sat down with the Streetcar sales team to get a first had look at floorplans, finishes and more. To be brutally honest, when I first heard about plans for 8 Gladstone, I thought it would be nothing more than a “copy and paste” version of 2 Gladstone…thankfully, I was wrong…soooo wrong!

The tone of the project is modern finishes in lofty spaces! Starting from the bottom, there’ll be a large laneway between the two buildings for cars to access the parking garage. The main level will consist of commercial space and a lobby. The building will have 9ft ceiling lofts from the 2nd to 6th floor.  11 different layouts (actually more but they’re the same space, just with flipped versions) will be available on these floors starting in size from 471 square feet. Prices will start in mid 200’s. (Although not official, I expect prices to range from$500-$550 per square foot).

Sitting a top of 8 Gladstone will be two levels of Penthouse lofts!  These lofts will have 10 ft. ceilings on the main level with 9 ft. heights on the second.  They’ll all have huge terraces with natural gas hookups…Queen West BBQ time!! The penthouses range in size from 705 square feet (two bedroom) to over 1,200 square feet.  My favorite of these layouts is the north east unit… it features a terrace with almost as much space outside as there is inside! [Read more…]

What Will 8 Gladstone Look Like?

8 Gladstone

The second rendering of the week is brought to you by the letter “S” and the number “8”… “S” being for Streetcar Developments and “8” being for 8 Gladstone!

The homies at BuzzBuzzHome first tweeted the rendering, sending the online world buzzing for info.  8 Gladstone will be larger than it’s neighbour and close relative 2 Gladstone (also built by Streetcar Developments).  It’s similar in design, with the exception of what looks like 2 story penthouses.  I’m only going off the renderings, so clarification is still needed! It also looks like most units will have access to outside space either by way of balcony or terrace.

Only 86 units will be available, with sales starting shortly!  I should have more info on specific details by mid next week.  If you’d like to be notified further on when sales will be starting at 8 Gladstone, send me some details in the form below! [Read more…]

8 Gladstone – Coming Soon to Queen West

8 Gladstone coming soon

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news…

The good news – I was right about 8 Gladstone coming to Queen West.

The bad news…isn’t so bad – Why you ask? It’s going to happen a lot sooner than I initially wrote!

Back in February a wrote a post breaking down the few details known about the project…fast forward a month and it looks like 8 Gladstone will be coming to market earlier than originally thought!  Their first e-flyer was sent out this week meaning presales should take place shortly.  If you’ve yet to read the details of the project, check out the original post here.

I got my clients in early for the first launch (2 Gladstone), which was necessary given the large amounts of interest.  I anticipate even more of a rush for 8 Gladstone as the area has solidified itself even further since!  Fill out the form below if you’d like to purchase at 8 Gladstone.  Check back frequently as i’ll be posting more info as it becomes available!

8 Gladstone by Streetcar Developments

8 Gladstone

The Dufferin Street extension may have helped to alleviate some of the traffic on Gladstone, but that doesn’t mean that the “Streetcar” has stopped!  Following the success and heavy interest in Streetcar Developments 2 Gladstone…I’m happy to post that plans are in the works to develop a second building called: 8 Gladstone!

The juicy details like renderings, prices and floorplans have yet to be revealed but what I have been told is that they plan on building the second condo directly North of 2 Gladstone at the current office of Icarus Designs.  8 Gladstone will have approximately 85 units (2 Gladstone had only 54) spread out over 8 storyes.  The rezoning application submitted to the City mentions there being retail at grade, 2 levels of underground parking and 52 spots for bikes!

Queen West has clearly solidified it’s self as one of the coolest places in the city to let loose on the weekend! The galleries and restaurants give residents tons to see and do during the week.  It’s a no brainer for developers to build along the strip and I anticipate 8 Gladstone selling just as fast as it’s predecessor…  Look for 8 Gladstone to start sales in May!  If you’d like to be notifed when sales start, give me a call or send me an email, I’d love to help!

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