109oz Coming to Ossington Ave

109 Ossington

Hop on the 63 bus, and head down to Ossington for drinks, dinner and condos!  The former sleepy street that was once home to factories and commercial business has quickly transformed into a hot bed of action with new bars and restaurants popping up everywhere… and I’m not just selling the hype here, i’m also partaking in it!  You’ll often find me at BQM for a burger or hanging out at The Ossington while the Secert Models dj a set to a packed house on a Saturday Night! I’m probably not the first to tell you this but the Ossington neighbourhood is quickly becoming the “it” place to be!

A few years back, Reserve Properties was the first to embrace the strip and bring to it a modern and well appointed development known as Motif!  With the success of their first project, they’re back again with a second project at 109 Ossington, the former Mondial Auto Repair shop! According to the press release:

Building on Ossington’s character and dynamic street line, 1090Z offers a contemporary design that reads to the eye as four intimate structures. “We wanted to create a built form that really suited the eclectic rhythm and dimensions of the street,” says Shane Fenton VP of Reserve Properties.

Catering to Ossington’s active pedestrian traffic, new retail on the ground floor will reanimate 150 feet along Ossington’s vibrant north-south corridor.

“Staggering storeys back and forth as you move up the building provides a variety of angles and gives each element its own identity,” says lead architect Roland Rom Colthoff of RAW. “Dark brick, zinc and glass materials used on the façade further enhance texture, while mimicking the memory of the existing lot division.”

Emphasizing the angular façade, balcony enclosures will be punctuated with different colours, co-designed by purchasers, giving them the opportunity to personalize the exterior of their new home.

“With 109OZ we really wanted to capture the essence of the local attitude and diversity of people who live there,” says Dan Menchions of II BY IV Design Associates.

Drawing the Ossington vibe inside, the 109OZ marketing centre is animated with pops of tangerine orange, canary yellow and fuchsia and a monochromatic gradient herringbone pattern on the floor. “The presentation centre is designed to make you feel like you are walking into the actual lobby itself,” adds Menchions.

Capturing the creative culture of the area, a multi-coloured pendant fixture by neighbourhood design darling Castor Design, crafted from recycled fire extinguishers, is surrounded by graphic elements and artwork reminiscent of 60’s and 70’s pop-art movement.

“We know from our recent success with Motif Lofts & Towns on Ossington that this is a very savvy neighbourhood when it comes to design. We wanted to create a project that local residents would appreciate and represents where design is going,” says Shelley Fenton, President of Reserve Properties.

109OZ offers 85 generously sized lofts with open concept layouts. Providing purchasers a flex space for work, dining and entertaining, European styled kitchens feature oversized islands that double as a chef’s table. With private outdoor space off of almost every suite and a second floor amenity terrace that overlooks the main street, purchasers can stay in and still engage with Ossington.

“People from around the city travel to Ossington in order to play. They come here to do their boutique shopping, do dinner at Union or hit up Foxely,” says Johnston. “But now with 109OZ people won’t just be visiting the neighbourhood to enjoy it, they are going to be able to live in it and truly take part in everything by foot, and that’s just good neighbourhood building.” [Read more…]

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