PHOTO FRIDAY – Planking in Toronto Contest

I Plank TO

ATTENTION EVERYONE! Please add “planking” to the list of things to do in Toronto!!!

With so many unique structures, streets, parks and planters…I think it’s only a matter of time before the planking craze hits the City in a BIG way!  For those unfamiliar with the name of the game, allow me to share the rules.  Essentially all one has to do is take a photo of themselves lying face down with there arms firmly at the their sides…and as the name suggest, like a plank!

My mother was kind enough to demonstrate in the photo below:

mom plankNotice the great form she possesses while showing how easy the game can be played. Hands firmly at side, face down, with your back as straight as a board.  As a prop we used gardening soil and a picnic table.

My form is not as good as my mothers, but for illurstration purposes, I’ve included a photo of me planking with three simple guidelines to follow:

me planking

In an effort to jump start the craze, I’ll be running a contest open to anyone with a picture of themselves planking in Toronto!  To enter, send your photo to  Please include where you took the picture as well as your contact info.  The contest runs until Friday July 29th, 2011.  Me and a panel of experienced plankers will be picking the best photo and rewarding them with a $100 gift certificate!  Check out photos of the latest plankers here.

The lawyers in my life wanted me to note that I have the right to change the rules at my discretion, and that by sending me your photo you give me the right to post them on my blog! So have fun, be safe, and get creative.

Happy Planking!

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