Newest Addition!

It’s funny how fast things change! The same time last year I was using Facebook once and a blue moon, contemplated joining LinkedIn and hadn’t even heard of Twitter.  Fast forward a year and I have 4 website/blogs not including all the “social media” sites I’ve subscribed to!  The problem in the past was that I had a ton of info but no way of sharing them.  Now I have a ton of websites, but find it impossible to tell people about them in one breath…


It’s my new one-stop shop website that allows visitors to see the many sides of “Savel”! For example… by clicking  “in photos“, you’ll be taken to my photo blog which shows off all the cool pics I take around the City.  Interested in the happenings of Yorkville?  Try clicking on “” for the latest in high-end Real Estate and lifestyle! Or maybe you’re ready to have me work for you…click on “” to find out more about the services I provide and how I get the job done!  Lastly there’s “”, it’s an informal way of sharing my knowledge and experiences as a downtown Realtor… from new construction projects to the latest in upcoming trends my goal is to incorporate it all.

As one colleague asked: “Is all this online fluff really necessary???” ABSOLUTLY…it keeps me on my toes and current with the ever changing downtown core.  Long gone are the Wild West ways of the past.  Transparency is everything and this is my way of participating in it. There’s more that makes a Realtor, beyond the cheesy bus stop ads, past the flashy suites, knowledge is what you’re hired for.  By using the different social media sites, it allows me to take in more info and through my various “Savel” themed outlets, i’m able to share it!


Sage Logo PNG copy Mark Savel - Sales Representative - Sage Real Estate LTD., Brokerage - 1820 Bayview Ave. Tor, Ont, M4G 4G7 - 416-483-8000

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