Inside the 8 Gladstone Sales Centre

8 Gladstone

By now, I’ve easily written close to a thousand words about the 8 Gladstone Lofts…but as the saying goes “a picture says more”.

Armed with my iPhone camera, I stopped by the 8 Gladstone Sales Centre to check out their hip new hub!  Located at 1230 Queen St West, the sales centre is a complete transformation from the old warehouse that once sat on the property.  Black walls, high cielings, and accents of bright pink are the first things I noticed.  After signing in, I was given a tour of the sales centre starting with the model unit!

The loft is a replica of the 605 Sq.Ft. layout pictured below!

The first thing that caught my eyes were the large 24”x24” procelin tiles…it came as a welcomed surprise from the typical engineering laminate seen in most sales centres these days.  This floor plan in particular unit has the split bathroom, with the toilet and sink on one side and the shower with a 5 foot vanity on the other!

I often prefer walking into a dedicated foyer first instead of a kitchen or busy living space. Something about the division of space makes the floorplan feel bigger.  Shortly past the enterance is a laundry room deep enough to store your cleaning products…with some room to spare for a broom and mop!

8 Gladstone

A “pegged” art piece was put up along the wall that leads guests into the living/dinning/sleeping areas.  I’m sure any true Queen West dweller will have no shortage of ideas for the blank canvas of a wall!

8 Gladstone

The kitchens were custom designed by the hands of II by IV Design and are available in a high gloss or wood veneer finish. The fridge and dish washer seamlessly blend in with the panelling over top! The island shown in the picture is an upgrade, and is fully mobile as it’s on wheels.

The only place you’ll find carpeting is in the bedroom…but don’t expect any 70’s shag!  They have a variety of modular broadloom tiles styles and patterns for purchasers to choose from…actually 4 different choices (pictured below)

8 Gladstone

Staging a model unit is nothing new…every developer does it to give potential purchasers ideas of what their unit can one day look like.  The problem with that is, most of the furniture can’t be found, let alone bought. 8 Gladstone did things a bit different using local furniture pieces to stage the model unit!

8 Gladstone

The magnet furniture pieces below the floor plans were another first for me!  The idea is to let buyers get a better sense of space by inserting different pieces in the layouts.  I found it helpful to play around with furniture placement…each piece also had the name of the store that the furniture can be found in!  Check out several other photos from the sales centre below:

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Give me a call or send me an email if you’d like to purchase at 8 Gladstone!

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